ShowLED Animation Waterproof

Animation para uso externo

ShowLED Animation Waterproof é a versão externa do ShowLED Animation.
Os LEDes de ShowLED Animation Waterproof são policromos e são controláveis ​​por pixel único.
The ShowLED Animation Waterproof is the waterproof version of the original ShowLED Animation.
In combination with a rugged high tech netting, it is ready to resist the most severe weather conditions (rain, snow and burning sun).
In combination with other outdoor fabrics, like PVC mesh or banner drape, creative minds can explore new boundaries.
Extensive changes had to be made to the existing indoor ShowLED Animation LED strings.
Water and UV proof cabling, moulded connectors and switching to an SMD RGB LED are required.
To keep the wide viewing angle and the excellent RGB colour mixing of the indoor version, a new lens was developed and applied to the moulded LED sockets.
LEDes impermeáveis
os LEDes pueden ser integrados em uma estrutura o integrados sobre tecidos impermeáveis, meshes com impressão digital, redes para cenografia, telas para projeção de vinil o banners.

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