LBE - Perolastic

Banda elastica

LBE - Perolastic 10 cm 01. alb99. negru
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LBE - Perolastic 14 cm A just manufactured Cortine de trecere.
Michele Tomatis, ''Grand Musical Hotel'' Fundal traversabile made of 8 cm wide white LBE - Perolastic elastic bands.The performer is going through it ...
... and he appears out of nowhere, in an instant, emerging from the rear-projected background that represents a movie theater.On other occasions he will do the opposite, in this scene, for example ...
... in which a rear-projection on a BHO - Holo Scrim holographic tulle backdrop creates the outline of the interior of a cave dug out of the ice, the performer pushes aside the elastic bands ...
... and is swallowed by the backdrop, which closes behind him and is projected frontally with a video of the landscape outside the cave ...
... which, surprisingly, has the performer himself as its protagonist, as if he had left the real world and entered the virtual world of the projection.
Tib Teatro, ''FIRMAmenTO GALILEO'' A Cortine de trecere 6 m high and 14 m wide ...
LBE - Perolastic is a band made of resistant monoelastic fabric with a high elongation coefficient.
It is used to make Fundaluri intersectate which, installed stretched, simulate a wall that can be opened by surprise by the actors and crossed, closing instantly behind them.
In white, the fabric works very well both with front and back lighting and projection.
With the black colour, one can create a background that is lost in the darkness of the scene and it can be used to make the actors appear out of nowhere.
Fundaluri intersectate are used in theatrical performances and in events .
The bands can also be used for decorative purposes in any kind of mounting.
Reacția la foc
nu este ignifugat
polyester + elastan
Lăţime / Greutate
3 cm - 15 g / m
6 cm - 30 g / m
8 cm - 42 g / m
10 cm - 50 g / m
12 cm - 65 g / m
14 cm - 75 g / m
50 m
Metoda de ambalare
Culorile disponibile
consultați graficul de culoare

± 80% numai in lungime

în role întregi
în realizări la comandă ( Fundaluri intersectate )

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LBE - Perolastic 01. alb99. negru

Video & Documentare

Rehearsal with a LBE - Perolastic backdrop

Backdrop made of black and white LBE- Perolastic

Michele Tomatis, ''Grand Musical Hotel''

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Cortina din benzi elastice

Tipologie de cortine

Fundación Rafa Nadal


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LWE - Windel

Textile elastice

Michele Tomatis, ''Grand Musical Hotel''

Opereta, zarzuela, musical

Stand de expoziție

Spații comerciale.

Teatro Español, ''Follies''

Opereta, zarzuela, musical

Tib Teatro, ''FIRMAmenTO GALILEO''


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