BCI - Cinecittà

Tul bobbinet bumbac 900 cm

BCI - Cinecittà01. alb
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BCI - Cinecittà99. negru back-lighted
BCI - Cinecittà05. holo grey
Teatrul de artă Anton Cehov Moscovei, ''Secolul al XX-lea'' A glass dome with an iron structure is projected onto a BCI - Cinecittà 05. holo grey tulle, dimensions 17 x h 9 m, which is installed on the proscenium.At the center of the stage there is a metal structure with 4 large arches which, like the dome, is a symbol of cast-iron architecture, which spread in Europe at the beginning of the 20th century.In the background, a perspective of lights is rear-projected on a RNO - Notturno screen ...
... where, in this other scene, a horizontally flipped clock is projected instead.On the BCI - Cinecittà tulle the projection of the clock can be seen with the right direction and with a weaker lighting, letting it be understood that the night scene takes place at the top of a large clock tower.
Oktava - Muzeul mașinilor-unelte Effects of projection and transparency ...
... on BCI - Cinecittà 05. holo grey.
Stand al unei companii de iluminare 2 Effects of projection and transparency ...
BCI - Cinecittà este un Tul pentru scenografie din bumbac cu legătură bobbinet.
Woven with an extremely thin yarn and with a mesh that cannot be perceived a few meters away, it is the lightest and most transparent of the cotton tulle.
Ideal for large holographic projections avoiding the annoying reflections of synthetic yarn tulle.
Short guides about tulle:
Proprietățile tul pentru scenografie
Ochiuri și culori
Reacția la foc
EN 13501-1 clasa B s1 d0
NFP 92-503 clasa M1
hexagonale 1,5 x 1,5 mm
100% bumbac
45 g/m²
900 cm
± 50 m
Metoda de ambalare
Culorile disponibile
consultați graficul de culoare
Culori personalizate
cantitatea minima pentru comanda ± 50 m

Rating 5.0
Efect de zid
cu lumina frontala
Rating 4.5
Proiecţie faţă
Rating 5.0 alb
Rating 4.0 gri
Rating 2.0 negru
Rating 5.0 alb
Rating 4.0 gri
Rating 2.0 negru
Pentru pictura
Rating 5.0
Pentru print digital
Rating 0.5

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în realizări la comandă

Graficul de culoare

BCI - Cinecittà01. alb05. holo grey99. negru

Video & Documentare

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Oktava - Muzeul mașinilor-unelte

Muzee, arta și arhitectura

Stand al unei companii de iluminare 2

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Teatrul de artă Anton Cehov, ''Secolul al XX-lea''


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