COP - Oscurante Spalmato

Molton cu verso acrilic

COP - Oscurante Spalmato 99. negruA - plushy side to be used for the absorption of the lightB - coated side
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COP - Oscurante Spalmato A detail of the coated side.
COP - Oscurante Spalmato 99. negru, plushy side.
COP - Oscurante Spalmato is a soft and sound-absorbing blackout molton.
It is, in fact, the COS - Oscurante molton (see the complete characteristics at the previous link) with the addition of a black acrylic coating on the reverse side which produces a total barrier to the passage of light.
Thanks to the pile surface and the black colour of the front side, the light absorption properties are optimal and identical to those of the COS - Oscurante, as well as the sound-absorbing and reverberation control properties.
COP - Oscurante Spalmato is therefore suitable for all applications in which the COS - Oscurante is indicated but a total blackout effect is desired, a performance that most of the non-coated blackout fabrics are not able to give.
It is therefore used for curtains, Mascatura scena and draperies with total opacity to the light.
It is advisable to install the products immediately after delivery, as well as to avoid subsequent storage because the coating tends to preserve the folds.
Reacția la foc
UNI 9177 clasa 1
DIN 4102 clasa B1
NFP 92-503 clasa M1
100% bumbac, acoperire acrilică
300 g/m²
295 cm
± 60 m
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Grad de opacitate
Rating 5.0
Grad de absorbtie a luminii
Rating 5.0
Absorbtia sunetului
Rating 2.0
Bariera fonica
Rating 3.0
Pentru pictura
Rating 2.0 fata pufoasa
Pentru print digital
Rating 0.5 ata pufoasa

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COP - Oscurante Spalmato 99. negru * (29 m)R. verso cu strat acrilic* disponibilitate limitată la cantitatea indicată
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