1Z20 - Beam clamp


1Z20 - Beam clamp The clamps slide easily along the slotted bar by means of the U-shaped U-bolts and allow to adjust the grip ...
... to steel beams of various widths and thicknesses.The slots on the bar form an ideal adjustable anchor point for threaded rods.The three-dimensional adjustment possibilities make the 1Z20 - Beam clamp an extremely versatile fastening accessory.
1Z20 - Beam clamp provides an extremely strong and high load carrying point of attachment along steel beams.
The installation is instantaneous and does not require drilling of the beam.
It is ideal for fastening Sisteme de șine, stage elements and metal profiles for stagecraft using Threaded rods.
Adjustable to fit various beam sizes up to 200mm maximum width (other sizes available on request).
- 41x41x300 mm slotted bar made of black enamelled steel
- No. 2 clamps made of black enamelled steel
- No. 2 U-bolts with M10 nuts and washers
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