ZSK - Ultralight Mirror


A small ZSK - Ultralight Mirror stretched on a gauri patrate frame cu a side of 130 cm și a total greutate of around 1,8 kg.
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The prelucrarea of a ZSK - Ultralight Mirror.
The prelucrarea of a ZSK - Ultralight Mirror.
SIB 2006, ''Scenographical exhibition'' An example of a ZSK - Ultralight Mirror composed by five panels 130 cm wide and 600 cm long fixed among themselves side by side.When lighted on the front, the ZSK - Ultralight Mirrors are endowed with good mirroring properties ...
... while a back-lighting creates transparency effects less accented than those of the ZSM - Oglindă Magic backdrops.The frameworks, when a ZSK - Ultralight Mirrors wall is back-lighted, are in complete evidence, and this is a big difference in comparison to the backdrops ZSM - Oglindă Magic.
Opéra Comédie, ''Orfeo ed Euridice'' Two large glass walls have been set to form a 90° angle on the stage of the Opéra Comédie.The walls, 11 m wide that on the left and 9 m wide that on the right and 8 m high ...
... quote the construction technique made ​​famous by the Crystal Palace, with an iron frame and the glasses actually made ​​with 40 mirror / transparent panels 1 m wide and 4 m high made ​​with the scenographic technique of the ZSK - Ultralight Mirror.
Very light, safe și cu a great effect, the ZSK - Ultralight Mirrors use for the reflection of the lumină a really thin folie (QSK - Retrafilm) that is stretched on custom aluminiu frames.
On stage, they are usually used placing side by side more panels up to form whole mirroring walls or ceilings.
Those mirroring walls are normally not used for transparenta effects because their frames are perfectly visible in transparenta.
For transparenta effects cu big surfaces the fundaluri ZSM - Oglindă Magic are more frequently used.
din aluminiu, custom realization
Maximum lăţime of the frames
230 cm
Maximum lungime of the frames
virtually unlimited (but transport problems advise not to go beyond 600 cm)
depending on the dimensiune, normally it's 1,5 kg / m² ±
protective panel on the back (total greutate 2 kg / m² ±)

Acest material a fost folosit pentru...

Opéra Comédie, ''Orfeo ed Euridice''

Opera lirica

SIB 2006, ''Scenographical exhibition''

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