Fundaluri din tul - Introducere


The effect is obtained by projecting the frame of the TV și the character that circles in the air on two big fundaluri din BGO - Gobelin installed a few meters away from each other.The first is a fundal alb și reacts to the proiecție in quite a sharp way, the second is negru și, because of the grad de absorbtie a luminii of culoare negru, it creates a more evanescent proiecție.In addition, the proiecție reaches it after being filtered through the first fundal.The rearward fundal negru also contributes to reinforce the effect of screening on the first fundal alb, increasing the contrast. Teatro San Carlo, ''Candide''
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The kinds of tul din bumbac in the culoare gri și, in the middle, BRL - Rexor culoare auriu.Some general indications about the properties of different meshes și tul different culori: mesh - the gauri rectangularemesh of BGO - Gobelin și especially of BSU - Super Gobelin are less deformable than the others iluminare - when front-lit the more closed meshes are obviously more covering culoare - tul alb, thanks to the optimal reflection in the light, lends itself very well to efecte de iluminare culoare, the gri cu efecte more toned-down, the negru has the maximum grad de absorbtie a luminii și reacts less to changes of light painting - all meshes, indifferently, are suitable pentru pictura themselves to be painted, larger ones are more suitable to more fleeting subject și less detailed
Some very representative pictures that illustrate the possibilities of interaction of the tul cu the light.This fundal din BGO - Gobelin here is frontally illuminated și, as it can be noticed, in this lighting situation the tul doesn't give any impression of transparenta, rather, the aspect doesn't differ really much from that of a fundal din ASC - Sceno. Teatro Verdi, ''Madama Butterfly''
Here is the fundal on the stage, cu a use of the light that exploits the characteristics of the fabric in a way that could be taken from a manual.A frontal light aims at the great painted face provoking in this area a screen-effect, that the painted subject underlines reducing at the maximum the transparenta of the fabric.The two characters la stânga, Madama Butterfly cu her attendant Suzuki și the parasols, are standing behind the fundal și they are framed by a proiector that illuminates them in an accented way. Teatro Verdi, ''Madama Butterfly''
This closer view underlines the passage from the illumination of the area behind the fundal to the frontal one.Notice, about this matter, as the stylized Japanese landscape, that can be seen in transparenta, because it is painted on a fundal din ASC1000S - Sceno lăţime 1.000 cm - Ignifugat set behind the characters, dissolves when you move the look towards the big face painted on the fundal, that takes a lumină frontală. Teatro Verdi, ''Madama Butterfly''
Fundal din BGO - Gobelin negru, lățime 16,5 m și înălțime 11,4 m. The symbols of the zodiac have been painted by Paolino Libralato. Teatro La Fenice, ''Otello''
The fundal BGO - Gobelin is illuminated here cu roșu light that puts in evidence the painted subjects. Behind the choir, thanks to a albastru illumination, the same zodiacal subjects appear painted on a fundal din ASC600S - Sceno lăţime 600 cm - Ignifugat. The transparenta of the tul creates a auperimposition of the images that have been painted on the two layers. Teatro La Fenice, ''Otello''
Proiecții on a fundal din BRL - Rexor culoare argintiu. Teatro Regio di Parma, ''La damnation de Faust''
Pentru efecte, decorative si scenografice, cu fidelitate foarte mare.
Datorita gamei foarte largi de produse de tul se poate satisface fiecare nevoie pentru realizarea unui decor deosebit.
efecte generate de transparenta
efecte originale la proiectiile fata si retroproiectie
receptivitate mare la lumina si iluminare
dimensiuni mari pentru decoruri scenografice
optim pentru pictura
variante pentru print digital

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