Teatro dell'Opera dei Pupi


The boxes at the back of the hall are equipped with red FBR - Bruxelles velvet curtains and valances.The front stage and hall lighting are suspended from 7TX30 - Grinzi cu sectiune triunghiulara 29 cm.The ceiling of the hall ...
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... is covered in black CGO - Gobbi cloth and is countertoped with a black BSU - Super Gobelin tulle Plafon ...
... which has aesthetic and acoustic functions.Some confecționarea austriaca curtains are installed on the sides of the stalls, they are made of FBR - Bruxelles velvet and ...
... as well as having decorative purposes, they are Cortine acustice which contribute to optimizing the acoustics of the hall.The Cortina cu deschidere greaca simpla is also ...
... made of red FBR - Bruxelles velvet, and it is equipped with a mobile valance and has a manual opening system ...
... made with a Kompas track system that can free up the proscenium in full.Even the mobile valance ...
... can be lifted thanks to one of the Stangi manuale with which the stage is equipped.The Scenographic quadrature, which is composed of Portals made of framed ASC - Sceno muslin and is painted with trompe-l'oeil draperies is thus exhibited, preceded by a framed top executed with the same technique ...
... which is here photographed during its realization in the painting workshop, where it was also painted ...
The Opera dei Pupi, of Spanish origin, it is practiced in Sicily from the first half of the '800 by dynasties of ''mastri pupari'' like the Crimi, the Grasso and the Greco.
Its shows of marionettes tells of adventures of the paladins of the Carolingian cycle.
Architectural and
scenographical design
Riccardo Perricone
Structural engineer
Giuseppe Raspanti
Carpentry works
Premiata Fonderia Medulla

Materiale utilizate în această producție

1K - Kompas

Sisteme de șine

3C - Frânghie Canapa


7TX30 - Grinzi cu sectiune triunghiulara 29 cm

Grinzi de aluminiu

9MA - Mantegno

Accesorii pentru montaj

ANM - Nomentana

Stofe / panze

BSU - Super Gobelin


CGO - Gobbi

Textile opace

Cortina cu deschidere greaca simpla

Tipologie de cortine

Cortine acustice

Cortine acustice

Cortine principale

Cortine pentru teatre reprezentative

COS - Oscurante

Textile opace

FBR - Bruxelles

·Limited fabrics·

Role de pod fixe

Sisteme de stangi

Scenographic quadratures

Rame pentru scenotehnică

Stangi manuale

Sisteme de stangi


Stangi pentru scenotehnică

Informatii despre prelucrarea datelor