Teatro Municipale - Upper hall

Piacenza (Italy)

Cortina cu deschidere venetiana din ARI - Reps Ignitex, culoare 114 gri.
Vezi toate
The system during the driving of the motorized opening.The inferior edge of the Cortina cu deschidere venetiana lifts gradually assuming the shape of the vault.
The ogival arch of the portal asked for the instalare of a system without truss.
In a room obtained under the coverage of the building it was realized a hall cu a stage that can entertain more than two hundred people.

The stage was endowed cu a motorized Cortina cu deschidere venetiana.

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Small Venetian curtain

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ARI - Reps Ignitex

Stofe / panze

Cortina cu deschidere venețiana

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Cortine principale

Cortine pentru teatre reprezentative