Parish hall

Orago (Italy)

A stage lățime 15 m și depth 5 m și adjusted to înălțime 100 cm was prepared cu the modular platforms 6M - Practicabil.
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On the front side of the stage, it is fixed with WVE - Velcro (arici) a 6ZD - Mascatura pentru practicabile made of bordeaux FTE - Teatro velvet.
The access to the stage occurs through a 6ZS - Scari modulare ...

... that was adjusted to a 100 cm height.
A side of the stage has been protected cu the special 6ZP - Parapeti de siguranta pentru platforme.
6MT - Set of 4 telescopic legs square section - side 4 cm - 6MT∙100 - adjustable h from 60 to 100 cm
The Parish of Jerago con Orago had a small hall destined to the shows și the parish reunions și it decided to install a stage that didn't ask for aany kind of modification of the hall.

With thirty seven modular platforms 6M - Practicabil, a 6ZS - Scari modulare formed by four steps și some 6ZP - Parapeti de siguranta pentru platforme, two people prepared in a few hours the whole instalare.

Materiale utilizate în această producție

6M - Practicabile Mobile

Practicabile cu picioare detasabile

6Z - Conectori platforme / platforme

Accesorii pentru practicabile

FTE - Teatro

·Limited fabrics·

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