QGL - Glitter


QGL - Glitter silverHere the different diameters: 1 mm and 3 mm.
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QGL - Glitter silver
QGL - Glitter silver

QGL - Glitter silver
Teatru de Națiuni, ''Pushkin's Fairy Tales'' The curtain made of black FMB - Macbeth 400 velvet was decorated with the application of QGL - Glitter that reconstructed the effect of the fabric MPD - Pelle di Diavolo (Textil decorativ) directly on the velvet.This technique was used for the title ''Сказки Пушкина'' ...
... made of red Ø 3 mm QGL - Glitter and for the sun, made of gold Ø 3 mm QGL - Glitter.The rays of the sun and the sea were made instead through the application of sequins on the velvet.The puppet, the boat and the clouds, instead, are mobile creations independent of the curtain and have been covered with MPD - Pelle di Diavolo (Textil decorativ) of various colours.
QGL - Glitter are hexagonal mirrored sequins used for the decoration of fabrics and various scenographic creations.
They are glued onto the support to be decorated, usually fabrics or objects with a wooden, plastic or metal surface.
The MPD - Pelle di Diavolo (Textil decorativ) fabric is manufactured by gluing QGL - Glitter onto an appropriate textile support.
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100% acetate
Ø 1 mm
Ø 3 mm
0,1 mm
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în cutii de 1 kg
The surface that can be covered with 1 kg of QGL - Glitter is:
- 2.5 m² with Ø 1 mm
- 4 m² with Ø 3 mm
The data is completely approximate and may undergo significant variations depending on the type and quantity of glue used, the support on which it is glued, etc.

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QGL - Glitter AR. argintOR. aurRO. roșu

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Teatru de Națiuni, ''Pushkin's Fairy Tales''


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