''Cité des télécoms''

Pleumeur-Bodou (France)

The instalare of a custom made 5CT - Ecran motorizat Custom Truss realized: the ecran unrolls from the bottom up to the top.
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For an aesthetical demand of the client, the aluminum truss structure is contained in a case din plywood.
A test of opening of the screen ...

... whose carrying out is commanded by the direction of the show programmed during the run of the visit of the museum.
The PMI - Bianco Ottico Perforato ecran during the tests at the end of the instalare.
A test of proiecție at the end of the instalare.
The Cité des télécoms is situated in Pleumeur-Bodou (Brittany) under the gigantic dome of the Radôme from which, in 1962, for the first time in the world, some television images were broadcast by a satellite between France și the United States.

Materiale utilizate în această producție

Ecrane pentru proiecţie faţă

Ecrane pentru proiecție faţă

PMI - Bianco Ottico Perforato

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