Rimini (Italia)

Fundal cu confectionare fără falduri din damasc DFA - Falstaff.
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The base of the small table is covered by LFI - Filanca 190 cu confectionare sub forma de tub.
Small gallery prepared cu the modular platforms 6A - Practicabil Alta, to which they were applied some seats covered cu QLA - Laccato alb.
A small stage built according to ancient criterions solidly leans on a floor composed by platforms 6M - Practicabil.
Three big inner tubes of pneus had been covered cu the resistant fabric ARI - Reps Ignitex, culori albastru și verde.
A welded fundal din different tonalities of galben QLA - Laccato cu Sudura fără suprapozare.
A cortina formed by tubular din fabrics in roșu tonality of different greutate și transparencies cu confectionare sub forma de tub.
The ceiling of the booth was made of silver QSP - Mirofilm.
Exemplu of a stand in which several scenographical materials had been used.
Gaetano Parisi

Materiale utilizate în această producție

6M - Practicabile Mobile

Practicabile cu picioare detasabile

ARI - Reps Ignitex

Stofe / panze

Confectionare sub forma de tub

Ţesătură: tipuri de executare

DFA - Falstaff

·Limited fabrics·

Fundaluri decorative din vinil

Fundaluri din folie de vinil: tipologii

LFI - Tesatura Elastica Filanca 190 cm

Textile elastice

QLA - Laccato

Folii decorative

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