6P - Practicabile Professional

Practicabile modulare

6P - Profesionalwith TTMA - Board TT maro (watch the types of 6ZN - Placi de acoperire available)
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6P3 - Practicabile Professionaletriangular 100 x 100 x 100 cm
6P - ProfesionalThe adjustment of the înălțime of the scissors legs happens through two comfortable handles that, through Bowden cables, unlock și fasten to the preset points the strong flowing guides that connect the legs to the platform.
6ZG - Conectori orizontali pentru placi6ZGC-CaccOnce the platforms are set side by side, to fix them are used the special expansion connectors, that are easily inserted in the special side grooves (1). The closing of the connectors simply happens tightening a screw (2 și 3). During the dismantlement, to recover the connectors it is enough to loosen the screw (4). The practical side grooves also serve for the fixing of the accesorii (6ZS - Scari modulare, 6ZP - Parapeti de siguranta pentru platforme, 6ZD - Mascatura pentru practicabile).
6ZP∙100 - Parapet h 100 cm pentru platforms - 100 cm6ZP∙200 - Parapet h 100 cm pentru platforms - 200 cm iron tube Ø 27 mm negru enameled - cu rounded outline6ZPG∙27 - Connection pentru 6ZP - Parapeti de siguranta pentru platforme 6M - Practicabil6ZR-ScalInn6MF∙60 - Set of 4 fixed legs h 60 cm
6ZS∙4 - Fitted stair 4 steps pentru h 100 cm6ZPT∙B - Parapet pentru 6ZS - Scari modulare iron tube Ø 27 mm negru enameled - cu rounded outline
6P - ProfesionalEvery part of the platform is interchangeable și fixed cu screws, the joints are auto-lubricant.The base frame strengthens the structure totally din aluminiu.
6P - Profesional
Scissor legs theatrical modular platforms for stages
Ideal for very intensive uses (service, rentals).
6P ..................... 6PP
Raise every
20 cm .............. 16,67 cm

Maximum înălțime
100 cm
Înălțime closed
15,5 cm
Board dimensiune
200 x 100 cm (standard rectangular shape)
69 kg
750 kg/m² (CE conformity)

aluminiu frame cu reinforcement frame to the base
Înălțime control
handles for the immediate adjustment
at intervals of 20 cm (6P) / 16,67 cm (6PP)
Spare parts
availability of every spare part

watch the types of tops: 6ZN - Placi de acoperire