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The set designer Max Zucca set up the scenography of the video clip ...
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... using the chromatic and light-reflecting properties of the gold HLU - Textil Lucilla fabric, with which he created a warm, luxurious ...
... and at the same time unreal interior.The falduri verticale making of the HLU - Textil Lucilla curtain was made by hanging it and fixing it with a staple gun to some Cantinelle, while ...
... more fabric was used to randomly cover the furnishings and the floor.
Litfiba, La stanza dell'oro, 2001

Max Zucca
Paolo Bellan

Materiale utilizate în această producție

8LCA - Cantinella

Stangi pentru scenotehnică

Falduri verticale

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HLU - Lucilla

Țesături metalice

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