TF1, ''Les Restos du Cœur'' 1


The television set used the reflecting and light diffusion properties of the white ASP - Spi fabric ...
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... with which various backdrops have been manufactured with confectionare fără falduri and falduri verticale ....
... that have been illuminated with different methods during the broadcasting.
Restos du cœur is defined in France ''L'association en qui les Français ont le plus confiance'' (the association where the French have more confidence), și exists primarily to support people in difficulty.
The association was established in 1985 through the initiative of the French comedian și actor Coluche (of Italian parents, the real name was Colucci), who died in a motorcycle accident the following year at only 41 years.
Every year, a television broadcast organized by TF1 occupies to gather the subsidies necessary to the conduct of the gigantic assistance work done by the association.

Materiale utilizate în această producție

ASP - Spi

Stofe / panze

Confectionare fără falduri

Ţesătură: tipuri de executare

Falduri verticale

Ţesătură: tipuri de executare

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