Teatro alla Scala, ''Der Rosenkavalier''


Cortina cu deschidere venetiana din muselină ASC - Sceno 1.000 cm natural vopsit.The curtain, which measures 18 x h 10 m and it was made with falduri verticale 100%, is open with the lower edge almost horizontal, while in the following picture ...
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... aici Cortina cu deschidere venetiana era pe jumătate închis cu marginea de jos cu modelare.Covorul reflectorizant este TIL - Iris Lucido 99. negru.
The Cortina cu deschidere venetiana is again raised with the lower edge only slightly shaped.A second open curtain appeared behind the first, it is a Cortina italiană made of natural painted ASC - Sceno 1.000 cm muslin which, rising and lowering simultaneously with the opening and closing of its tails, can also be considered a Cortina tip fluture si ghilotina.
The Cortina italiană or Cortina tip fluture si ghilotina is closing while ...
... a third Cortina cu deschidere venetiana appears in the background, behind the second Cortina italiană !The third curtain was also made of natural painted ASC - Sceno 1.000 cm muslin.
The first Cortina cu deschidere venetiana and the second Cortina italiană are opening and ...
... the third Cortina cu deschidere venetiana, here opened at half height, becomes more present on the scene.
The three open curtains are visible here simultaneously, in succession:- first Cortina cu deschidere venetiana - second Cortina italiană - third Cortina cu deschidere venetiana
Muzicaal comedie in trei acte
Richard Strauss (1864-1949)
Prima reprezentatie
Dresden, Königliches Opernhaus, 26/1/1911

costume design,
directia scenica
Light design
Massimo Gasparon
Scenographical realizations
Rubechini Carlo

2002 / 2003
revival of the staging by Teatro Carlo Felice of Genoa, sezon 1996 / 1997

Materiale utilizate în această producție

ASC - Sceno

Stofe / panze

Closed sets

Rame pentru scenotehnică

Cortina cu deschidere italiana (fluture)

Tipologie de cortine

Cortina cu deschidere venețiana

Tipologie de cortine

TIL - Iris Lucido

Covoare de vinil

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