BHO - Holo Scrim

Tul bobbinet 520 cm

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Michele Tomatis, ''Grand Musical Hotel'' The protagonist of this show, an extraordinary one-man band, has just appeared out of nowhere from the projection screen ...
... which is behind him, in reality a Fundal traversabile made of LBE - Perolastic elastic bands.He is about to introduce another performer to the audience ...
... appearing out of nowhere.The lights at the back of the stage have dimmed and a projector is throwing her virtual image from top to bottom ...
... on an invisible backdrop made of grey BHO - Holo Scrim installed on the front of the stage.The singer Michele Tomatis duets with is nothing more than a holographic projection with which the real character can interact in various ways.For instance ...
... here a new change of lights removes the front lighting on the live performer ...
... and illuminates the background, thus creating a real silhouette that lifts the virtual performer.
Mudac, ''A Chair and You'' The walls of the large display case in the foreground are made of grey BHO - Holo Scrim tulle, practically invisible when backlit, but very reactive to lighting and projections.
BHO - Holo Scrim is a legătură bobbinet polyamide made Tul pentru scenografie.
It is a support for 3D holographic projections endowed with extreme transparency and effectiveness.
When it is installed in front of real subjects that are visible in transparency through it, it is used with the frontal projection or with the rear-projection of virtual subjects that, interacting with the real ones, create the three-dimensional illusion typical of the Pepper's Ghost effect.
It can be transported with great ease thanks to the extreme lightness and the reduced volume that it occupies when it is folded.
If equipped with appropriate finishes, it can be installed easily, quickly and when it is correctly stretched on the four sides (see: confectionare fără falduri) it does not preserve any bending marks.
The bobbinet weave gives it a certain elasticity both in the weft and in the warp.

Short guides about tulle:
Proprietățile tul pentru scenografie
Ochiuri și culori
Reacția la foc
ignifug permanent
EN 13773:2003 clasa 1
gauri hexagonale 1,2 x 1,2 mm
100% poliamidă
15 g/m²
520 cm ± 20 cm
± 45 m
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contra luminii
Rating 5.0
Efect de zid la iluminare frontal
Rating 5.0
Pentru pictura
Rating 2.0 with paintings for polyamide fabrics

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BHO - Holo Scrim

Michele Tomatis, ''Grand Musical Hotel''

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Michele Tomatis, ''Grand Musical Hotel''

Opereta, zarzuela, musical

Mudac, ''A Chair and You''

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