Teatro alla Scala, ''Idomeneo''


The opening show of the 2005 Scala season is scenographically characterized by a large background made of ASC - Sceno muslin painted by the theater's scenographic workshop.The backdrop was present for the entire duration, but the seascapes that were represented on it were variable ...
Vezi toate
... being it able to scroll horizontally thanks to the track system from which it was hung, seen here from below ...
... and here seen from the side.It was a sliding cyclorama 60 m wide and 10 m high ...
... on which gigantic waves looming over the scene alternated without interruption ...
... with northern skies in the distance ...
... and beaches with a vast shoreline.Set designer Eric Wonder asked for approximately 1,500 m² of ATS - Toscana canvas specially blue dyed ...
... using it to cover the entire stage floor and various stage elements.A central area of the stage is occupied by what appears to be the foundations of a building, which at times appears deep ...
... while at other times it is at level with the rest of the stage.On the right, the character of Ilia, with her face veiled by a cut of black BIT - Italiano tulle ...
Drama for muzica in trei acte
Prima reprezentatie
Munich, Residenztheater, 29/1/1781

Light design
Dominique Bruguière
Directia scenica
Luc Bondy (1948-2015)

2005 / 2006

Materiale utilizate în această producție

ASC - Sceno

Stofe / panze

ATS - Toscana

Stofe / panze

BIT - Italiano


HSM - Satin Makò

Matase și satin

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