TCA - Capriccio print digital

Covor mat

Laura Pausini, ''Greatest Hits World Tour'' Black TCA - Capriccio floor with Print digital.
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Eros Ramazzotti, ''Ali e Radici'' The overall project for the Print digital of the TCA - Capriccio floor strips used for the covering of the stage.The printing, which simulates the corrugated sheet ...
... with which the containers are made, uses only grey tones, as can be seen in this photograph taken during the set-up ...

... in order to illuminate the floor with coloured light ...
... without chromatic interference.The same motifs of the corrugated sheet with grey tones used for the floor ...
... were also printed on the walls made of framed ASC - Sceno printat digital muslin with which the containers that were the background to the scene were built.
It is the version with digital printing of the scenography floor TCA - Capriccio.
Reacția la foc
ignifug permanent
EN 13501-1 clasa Bfl s1
100% PVC
1,47 kg / m²
Metoda de imprimare
Lățime imprimabilă
190 / 195 cm în funcție de lungime
Lățimea utilizabilă în confecționare
190 / 195 cm în funcție de lungime

comandă minimă 50 m²

Acest material a fost folosit pentru...

Eros Ramazzotti, ''Ali e Radici''


Laura Pausini, ''Greatest Hits World Tour''


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