2MT - Motoare cu canale pentru cabluri pentru stangi


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2MT 300 - Whinch T for fly facilities 350 kg
2MT 300 - Engine for fly facilities 350 kg
2MT 300 - Hoist T for fly facilities 350 kg
2MT 300 - Hoist T for fly facilities 350 kg
Series of electric winches for punctual or multi-line Stangi electrice cu mono-race or multi-races winding drum, for lifting heights normally limited to a maximum of 1,5 m y SWL 700 kg.
For instalare on the Podul de scena or on the stage level, cu fundamental safety endowment but fit to satisfy the legislations.
- multi-races winding drum
- electric power supply three-fase 400 V - 50 Hz
- safety double motor brake
- safety irreversible reduction gear
- limit switches of lifting and lowering
- extremely reduced maintenance
- silent engine and brakes
- conformity to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
- standard BGV D8+

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Video & Documentare

Rehearsals with counterbalanced fly facilities

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Gigantic swag curtain, opening test

Motorized truss

Motorized truss for spotlights

Roman curtain, opening test

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