APO - Pelle Ovo

Muselina fina din bumbac

APO - Pelle Ovo
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APO - Pelle Ovo
Teatro alla Scala, ''L'altro Casanova'' Three shaped and painted backdrops made of the white APO - Pelle Ovo muslin had been hanged on the stage in front of a Fundal cu iluminare spate made of black RNO - Notturno film.The backdrops made of APO - Pelle Ovo, suspended to a certain distance the one from the other in order to give depth to the scene, had been fixed on a USC - Nylonet black scenography net that had the function to work as an invisible support for the shaped backdrops.
Stand de producator de robinete The white grill of the light diffusers, that overhang the area and illuminate it with a definite but not intrusive presence ...
... was realized covering with the candid fabric APO - Pelle Ovo some special parallelepipeds built with transparent plexilass.
Fair booth A suspended cube covered with a backdrop with confectionare fără falduri made of APO - Pelle Ovo used for light diffusion.
Teatrino Girò, ''El retablo de maese Pedro'' A small backdrop manufactured with APO - Pelle Ovo used for games of ''Chinese shades'' within a theatrical show of di ''teatro di figura''.
APO - Pelle Ovo
APO - Pelle Ovo is a legătură pânzã and bleached cotton muslin with a compact texture.
It is similar to the ASC - Sceno muslin, of which it is lighter and it is woven with a finer yarn.
It is the muslin with which cotton sheets were once made.
In the scenographic field it is used as a light diffuser and for backlighting effects, for example for shadow plays.
HRS - Satenix and ASP - Spi fabrics, lighter but equally valid as light diffusers, are its alternatives made of polyester yarn.
Thanks to the coating, ASH - Shedlight is an even more effective diffuser.
Reacția la foc
disponibil ignifug sau brut (netratat)
EN 13501-1 clasa B s1 d0
EN 13773 clasa 1
DIN 4102 clasa B1
100% bumbac
150 g/m²
305 cm - ignifug
270 cm - nu este ignifugat (available in full bolts only)
± 60 m
Metoda de ambalare
Culorile disponibile
consultați graficul de culoare
Culori personalizate
Cantitatea minima pentru comanda ± 500 m

prin metru
în bucăți întregi
pe contor de la ± 500 m
în realizări la comandă
APO270N este disponibil numai în bucăți întregi

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Stand de producator de robinete

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Teatrino Girò, ''El retablo de maese Pedro''


Teatro alla Scala, ''L'altro Casanova''


Teatro alla Scala, ''Madama Butterfly''

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