Showroom mirrors


The showroom is a run composed by a series of communicating rooms, characterized every by a motive reproduced on the walls și the floor cu Print digital on fundaluri din folie PBO - Bianco Ottico. The walls in Digital printing are alternate to mirroring walls din panels of QSF - Miroflex, of which it is evident that on the background to which the monitor is suspended.
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Also in this environment the mirroring wall is that to which the monitor is suspended și in which it opens the road of communication toward the adjacent room.
In this case instead the optic illusion of a mirroring effect had been created interrupting the patterns of the Print digital along the longitudinal line of the monitor și reproducing them in an inverted way. The optic illusion, effective, it is however voluntarily disclosed by the absence of the reflex of the suspended rag doll.
The mirroring wall is that la dreapta.
This corner instead is formed by fundaluri cu Print digital only.
The mirroring wall is that on which it opens the communication toward the other rooms.
Another of the numerous rooms in which the space of the showroom has been divided.
A corner formed by two mirroring walls din some plates of QSF - Miroflex.
The intentions of whom has studied the design of this environment, the Milanese showroom of a known prelucrarea house of good of consumption, is evident: the reality și its reflex create a phantasmagorical labyrinth of notable effectiveness in which it is difficult to distinguish the one from the other.

The instalare used several plates of QSF - Miroflex și many realizations cu Print digital on the folie PBO - Bianco Ottico.

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