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Milan / Naples

On the stage of the hall that entertained the convention it was installed a Ecran retroproiecţie din folie RNV - Nevada edged by panels of Fundaluri cu iluminare spate.
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Fundaluri cu iluminare spate cu lumină albastră din folie RCO - Colorado.
Retroproiecție on the ecran RNV - Nevada before the entry on the stage of the announcers.

The Fundaluri cu iluminare spate use a device of lifting to allow the entry in the stage.
In order to stand them up in the faint light, the vertical parts of the steps was covered with the film for projections PBO - Bianco Ottico.To the edges at the top of the steps had been applied instead some strips of grey LWE - Windel, a slightly reflecting fabric too.The base of the screen was covered with CGO - Gobbi fabric.
The Fundal cu iluminare spate of light-blue colour was realized with RCO - Colorado film.The effect of the horizontal black strips has been obtained extending behind the screens some strips of black LBE - Perolastic, width 3 cm.
A classical exemplu of business convention cu stage endowments și proiecții video.
Anul execuției

Materiale utilizate în această producție

CGO - Gobbi

Textile opace

LBE - Perolastic

Textile elastice

LWE - Windel

Textile elastice

Print digital pe fundaluri luminat din spate

RCO - Colorado

Folii retroproiecție

RNV - Nevada

Folii retroproiecție

Informatii despre prelucrarea datelor