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Cu lumină monocromă

Cortina cu leduri ShowLED Classic Monochromatic light LEDsThe standard colour of the LEDs is white.But other colours are available, like red, green, orange ...
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... and blue, like the one in this example.Operation - - fixed light- shimmering light- flashing stroboscopic light The Fundaluri instelate are made of ...
... two layers of fabric, a front one from which the LEDs come out and a lining.The fabrics of the standard version are:- front layer made of COT - Oscurante Teatro- lining made of HSV - Trevi.The distribution and power supply system for the LEDs is placed between the two layers ...
... and it's made of ultra-flexible cables with 2 or 16 LEDs.The cables are equipped with male / female quick connectors and are thin, light, robust to the point of being almost indestructible and recoverable without tangling.The LEDs are attached to the back of the front fabric layer of the backdrops ...
... by means of WVE - Velcro (arici) disks.Every single LED can be replaced.The 2-pin LEDs of Cortina cu leduri ShowLED Classic backdrops they produce high quality light and have a wide viewing angle.They are managed through ...
Pavarotti Worldwide Farewell Tour ... a special plug&play Conbox controller that manages up to 512 monochromatic light LEDs, that is, with the standard density of about 6 LEDs per m², a backdrop of 85 m².By connecting several Conbox with the master-slave configuration, backdrops made up of multiple modules can be controlled as a single backdrop.
ShowLED Conbox Conbox is DMX compatible with 2 modes:1 - programmed chases control with:.... minimum and maximum intensity.... speed of the chase.... pattern behavior of the chase2 - dimmer control of each of the output channels.It is RDM ready (to make DMX bi-directional).
In stand-alone mode (without other software) Conbox manages:- the glitter effect- chase patterns- the strobe effect- the entire colour spectrum.The Conbox has:- 8 output channels with clip connectors- a memory where favourite settings can be saved.
The Fundaluri instelate Cortina cu leduri ShowLED Classic are equipped with monochromatic light LEDs.
Fundaluri standard confectionate astfel
- materialul de fata din COT - Oscurante Teatro
- captuseala din HSV - Trevi
- alte materiale la cerere
- cablarea LED-urilor din interior
- finisare perimetrala cu WVE - Velcro (arici)
Dimensiuni standard
- 12 x 3 m
- 9 x 4 m
- 7 x 5 m
- alte dimensiuni si forme la cerere

- standard density: 6 LEDs per m²
- white light with wide viewing angle
- other colours: red, green, blue, orange
- ultra-flexible cables with 12 or 16 LEDs
- male / female quick connectors
- fixing with WVE - Velcro (arici) disks
- possibility of replacing each individual LED

ShowLED Conbox Plug&Play
- compatibil DMX cu 8 canale de iesire si 2 moduri DMX:
- posibilitatea programarii unor modele de aprindere(iluminare) incluzand viteza de miscare, intensitate minima / maxima, model;
- control complet al fiecarui canal de iesire
dispozitiv stand alone
programabil si manual
salvați setările direct în controler
pot fi controlate pana la 256 LED-uri RGB
(85 m² with the standard density of 6 LEDs per m²)
mai multe fundaluri pot fi conectate si operate simultan

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