Teatro Carlo Felice, ''Elixirul dragostei''


A backdrop made of painted BGO - Gobelin tulle with a garden background ...
Vezi toate
... is made to appear behind the characters thanks to the use of the illumination.The tulle had been lowered in front of the entrance to the farm ...
... that Emanuele Luzzati created with three wooden Portals covered with ASC - Sceno muslin on which the architecture of the building was painted.Behind the portals, some Half portals and Set pieces built with the same technique depict a wood which trees give further depth to the space, thanks also to the ASC - Sceno muslin background painted with a sunset sky ...
... that can be used with different lighting situations.Here the lighting on the backdrop has been lowered and the one on the trees has been turned off, transforming them into silhouettes.In the scene coexist toy soldiers inspired by the tin ones ...
... backdrops with dreamlike backgrounds, lush gardens and intellectual references, in an amalgam well supported by the direction by Filippo Crivelli and completed by the costumes by Santuzza Calì.While a red sunset light illuminates the large painted muslin backdrop ...
... Dulcamara starts his show.He is more of a sorcerer than the backyard barker he is used to, and he does not enter the scene with the usual cart, but emerges from a magical closet ...
... which suddenly materializes among the inhabitants of the country village.The characterization that Luzzati infuses every detail is typical of his scenography and, as always, it is unmistakable.
The instalare was realized in 1994, but it is regularly re-staged, always cu a great success.
A scenographic interpretation out of the canons of the melodrama by Donizetti, that dissuades it from the rural stereotype of an Arcadian Lombardy and transports it in a world of dream of which the author is immediately recognizable, the great illustrator and scenographer Emanuele Luzzati.
Playful melodrama in doua acte
Gaetano Donizetti (1797-1848)
Felice Romani
from Le philtre by Eugène Scribe
Prima reprezentatie
Milan, Teatro della Cannobiana, 12/5/1832

Props și Decors
Directia tehnica
Gian Franco Padovani
Directia scenica

2003 / 2004, resumption of the staging of the sezon 1993 / 1994

Materiale utilizate în această producție

ASC - Sceno

Stofe / panze

BGO - Gobelin


Emanuele Luzzati

Maestrii ai scenei

Scenographic quadratures

Rame pentru scenotehnică

Set pieces

Rame pentru scenotehnică

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