Eros Ramazzotti, ''Calma Apparente''

Tour 2006

The preparation of the scene of an indoor stage. The floor of the platform is covered with moquette TMP - Perotapis print digital on which a squared pattern in various shades of grey has been reproduced in Print digital, which the scenographers have elaborated starting from an initial reference to the labyrinthine works of by Maurits Cornelis Escher.The same motive was reproduced on ASC - Sceno printat digital muslin with which the staging team is covering the front of the stage.
Vezi toate
The big Cortina cu deschidere Kabuki with mechanical system for a drop opening (width 24 m) that camps on the stage at the beginning of the show.The curtain is made of HSP - Tempesta Poly print digital silk.
The Cortina cu deschidere Kabuki in a moment of light blue rear-illumination that underlines the transparency of the HSP - Tempesta Poly print digital silk.
The covering of the floor of the stage cu TMP - Perotapis ...
... during some moments of the concert.
Projections and lighting effects ...
... on a big backdrop made of grey BGO - Gobelin tulle ...
... installed behind the performers ...

Eros Ramazzotti

Milano Concerti

Trident Management

Executive productie
(Giorgio Ioan, Fabio Carmassi, Stefano Copelli)

Paolo Gualdi
Barry Halpin
Sam Pattinson

Light design
Barry Halpin

Materiale utilizate în această producție

ASC - Sceno print digital

Print material textil

BGO - Gobelin


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Cortina cu deschidere Kabuki

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HSP - Tempesta Poly print digital

Print material textil

TMP - Perotapis

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