Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine

Udine (Italy)

The main curtain is manufactured with FOT - Otello velvet and has a motorized mechanism of Cortina italiană.The Mascatura scena was manufactured with COS - Oscurante molton.
The hall seen from the stage with the stall, the parterre, the elevated stalls and the three levels of gallery.The Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine can altogether welcome 1.230 spectators and currently enjoys of a notable success of public (over 6.000 subscribers to season), due also to the appointment and the professionalism of the association that managed it since 2001.
Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine
The first funds' signature to equip the city of Udine with a new great theater, to side the historical Teatro Sociale (then Teatro Puccini), goes up to 1905.
The first yard, inaugurated in 1914, was unfortunately closed not later than one year because of the beginning of the Great War, starting such a series of vicissitudes to make admirable the efforts that administrations and citizens devoted to the construction of their theater.
The Teatro Puccini, already victim of a fire to beginning century, was demolished at the end of the Years '50 without Udine was still endowed with a suitable building, while the Teatro Nuovo, devoted to Giovanni da Udine (1487-1564), the great painter and architect, already a student of Giorgione and Rafael, was finally completed in 1997.
Giuliano Parmegiani (1926-2017)
Lorenzo Giacomuzzi Moore

Materiale utilizate în această producție

COS - Oscurante

Textile opace

FOT - Otello


Mascatura scena

Cortine acustice

NBT - Bordo traforato

Franjuri și borduri decorative

NFR - Franjuri

Franjuri și borduri decorative

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