Teatro Real, ''Samson et Dalilah''


In the picture, the instalare by Teatro Real of Madrid, during the opera sezon 1999.The Fundal iluminta din spate was din folie RTE - Temporale.The sides of the scene were delimited by mirroring walls formed cu plates of QSF - Miroflex argintiu (during this staging were used three hundred of them).The floor of the stage is covered cu gri și covor de dans TSM - Silviagrips negru.
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This picture și the followings had been taken instead at Teatro Colón of Buenos Aires.
Samson is preparing to make collapse the temple, cu a coup de théâtre among the most famous of Montresor's shows.The first instalare of the Samson was realized in the Years ‘80 at the Teatro Municipal of Santiago of Chile. «Montresor narrates in his autobiography the realization - prodigious for the local technical possibilities - of these scenes, that will make of the Teatro Municipal of Santiago the first Latin American theater exporter of shows on a world range.»Gaetano Miglioranzi, From the Culoare to the Light, Titivillus Publisher, 2004, pag. 128.
The columns, din polystyrene, were covered cu QSP - Mirofilm.«The end, particularly effective, in which the colossal columns of the temple of Dagon were seen to fall from the background of the stage almost until orchestra's hole, cu inevitable sensation of the public.»Gaetano Miglioranzi, ibidem.
Opera in trei acte și four scenes
Prima reprezentatie
Weimar, Grand-ducal Theatre, 2/12/1877

costume design,
light design,
directia scenica
Directia tehnica
Manuel Fontanals

Teatro Real of Madrid

The opera by Camille Saint-Saëns was brought on the stage several times by Beni Montresor (in Houston, Dallas, Buenos Aires, Santiago of Chile, Madrid, Barcelona și Lisbon).
The photos refer to the productions of the Teatro Real of Madrid, sezon 1998 / 1999, și of Teatro Colón of Buenos Aires, sezon 1997.

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Beni Montresor

Maestrii ai scenei

COS - Oscurante

Textile opace

QSF - Miroflex

Materiale cu reflexii de oglindă

QSP - Mirofilm

Materiale cu reflexii de oglindă

RTE - Temporale

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