Teatro Amilcare Ponchielli, ''Andromeda liberata''


Standing behind the wings at the two sides of the stage, some mimes wave three backdrops made of white HSE - Tempesta silk 14 x 1,3 m.This installation by director Andrea Cigni and by the scenographer Lorenzo Cutùliexploited with a great stage intelligence some resources of which the Teatro Ponchielli was already endowed: a big backdrop for reflected illumination ...
Vezi toate
... manufactured with white ASC1000S - Sceno 1.000 cm muslin, a Fundal cu iluminare spate made of RTE - Temporale and white and black dance floor TSM - Silviagrips, here used with the white side.To these resources were added, manufactured for this installation, only ten backdrops in various sizes made of white HSE - Tempesta silk: the result doesn't need comments.
A mime walks, as suspended on a cloud, on a big backdrop made of white HSE - Tempesta silk, that here, like in the other pictures, assumes the coloration of the lights.
In the pictures, unfortunately, one can't appreciate the dynamism of the mise-en scène, produced by the interaction among the material, the HSE - Tempesta silk, and the movement of the actors, that had a fundamental role in the result of this show.
Curtain made of white ASC - Sceno muslin with Deschidere italianăIn the background, curtain with Deschidere romană made of the same fabric.
«Regarding the stage direction», told Andrea Cigni, «I looked a lot after the movements of the artists, trying to work on the speeds of the bodies, different for each one of the interpreters, and I exploited mainly the atmospheres created by the lights with delicate colours, that I planned with my scenographer.»
Besides the four backdrops we've already seen in the preceding pictures, the installation used six more backdrops manufactured with HSE - Tempesta silk that were suspended to different heights, playing in this case too with the shapes, with the movements and with the lights.
The flood lights that are colouring with lilac the backdrops made of white HSE - Tempesta silk and the one in the background made of white ASC - Sceno muslin are accompanied here by some vanishing mobile effects projected with a gobo. «Simplicity and elegance were the guiding principles that inspired Andrea Cigni, which preferred to make converge the visual attention of the spectator mostly on the choir and the mimes rather than on the soloists, which were so free to focus themselves on the vocal result of their insidious arias.» Claudio Vellutini, from L'opera, No. 207.
Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741)
Tomaso Albinoni (1671-1751)
and other authors
Prima reprezentatie
Veneția, on the occasion of the reentry of the cardinal Ottoboni, 1726

Directia scenica
Andrea Cigni
Light design
Marco Bellini
Directia tehnica
Primo Federici

2006 / 2007

Materiale utilizate în această producție

ASC - Sceno

Stofe / panze

Confectionare fără falduri

Ţesătură: tipuri de executare

Cortina cu deschidere italiana (fluture)

Tipologie de cortine

Cortina cu deschidere romana

Tipologie de cortine

HSE - Tempesta

Matase și satin

RTE - Temporale

Folii retroproiecție

TSM - Silviagrips

Dansuri de podea

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