COT - Oscurante Teatro

Tesatura poliester opac

The COT - Oscurante Teatro molton, because of its polyester composition, is more expensive than the cotton made COS - Oscurante molton.
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COT - Oscurante Teatro The difference between the plushy side and the back side of the fabric.1 - the plushy front2 - the not plushy back
COT - Oscurante Teatro The difference between the plushy side and the back side of the fabric.1 - the plushy front2 - the not plushy back
COT - Oscurante Teatro The plushy side of the fabric.
COT - Oscurante Teatro Verso fără pufoasa
Luciano Ligabue, ''Tour Ellesette'' On the inclined plane a tailor made backdrop made of of black COT - Oscurante Teatro molton was installed.
Teatro alla Scala, ''Teneke'' The inclined surface was covered with the TST - Silviastar mirroring floor, with which the reflective areas were created, and with the COT - Oscurante Teatro molton with which the black areas were created.The Mascatura scena of this scenography by Arnaldo Pomodoro was also made with the black COT - Oscurante Teatro cloth.
Seminario Conciliar Darkening system realized ​​with curtains made of black COT - Oscurante Teatro molton.
COT - Oscurante Teatro is a fabric with darkening and acoustic properties very similar to those of the COS - Oscurante cloth.
It has a reason for being due to its inherently flame retardant polyester yarn composition, which makes it more stable over time and gives it fire reaction properties that resist water.
It is therefore more suitable, if not essential than the COS - Oscurante, for outdoor use and in areas with a humid climate.
The strength of the polyester yarn also makes it suitable for Mascatura scena intended for touring and rental.
It is plushy and matte only on the front, the reverse, where the legătură diagonală with which it is woven is clearly visible, is therefore much more reflective.
Its use is not recommended, compared to COS - Oscurante molton, where its characteristics of robustness and stability are not needed, because it has a lower degree of light absorption and it is more expensive.
Reacția la foc
ignifug permanent
UNI 9177 clasa 1
DIN 4102 clasa B1
NFP 92-503 clasa M1
100% polyester
350 g/m²
300 cm
± 60 m
Metoda de ambalare
Culorile disponibile
consultați graficul de culoare
Culori personalizate
cantitatea minima pentru comanda ± 500 m

Grad de opacitate
Rating 4.0
Grad de absorbtie a luminii
Rating 3.5 absoarbe lumina mai putin decat COS - Oscurante
Pentru pictura
Rating 1.5
Pentru print digital
Non disponibile

Absorbtia sunetului
Rating 3.5
Type G-200
ISO 11654 rating
Weighted sound absorption coefficient: αw = 0.70 (MH)
Sound absorption class: C
Bariera fonica
Rating 1.0

prin metru
în bucăți întregi
pe palete de ± 500 m
în realizări la comandă

Graficul de culoare

COT - Oscurante Teatro 99. negruR. verso fără pufoasa

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Luciano Ligabue, ''Tour Ellesette''


Seminario Conciliar

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Teatro alla Scala, ''Teneke''

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