Tiziano Ferro, ''Nessunoèsolo''

Tour 2007

A close up of Tiziano Ferro projected in real time on the Ecran pentru proiecţie fata realized with the PBO - Bianco Ottico film.20 m wide and 7 m high, the screen was tensed along a stage structure realized with 7QX30 - Grinzi cu sectiune patrata 29 cm with many elastic black hooks WPE - Perofix.
Vezi toate
Five 5CT - Ecrane motorizate Custom Truss installed on the front of the stage allowed, commanded by the direction desk, the descent of five backdrops made of grey BGOP - Gobelin Teatro tulle.
The light and transparency effects on the backdrops made of BGOP - Gobelin Teatro tulle allowed the direction to interact dynamically with the projections effected on the screen made of PBO - Bianco Ottico.The movement up and down of each of the five backdrops made of BGOP - Gobelin Teatro was independent.Note in this image the screening effect of the tulle when submitted to illumination.
The central BGOP - Gobelin Teatro tulle backdrop, that is going down thanks to the action of the 5CT - Ecran motorizat Custom Truss is here submitted to a rear-projection.The four side backrops are mixing the rear-projection, in their upper part, with transparency in the lower.
Again the 5CT - Ecrane motorizate Custom Truss cu și fundaluri din BGOP - Gobelin Teatro și the proiecție on the ecran din PBO - Bianco Ottico.
The five backdrops made of BGOP - Gobelin Teatro tulle were 6 m wide and, when completely unrolled, 7,5 m high.
Effects of light and projections combined ...
... on the backdrops made of BGOP - Gobelin Teatro tulle ...

Tour productie
and realization
Trident Management
Maurizio Salvadori
Stefano Patara
Marco Sorrentino

Samantha Rolla
Alejandro Mendoza

Producatorii executivi
(Giorgio Ioan, Fabio Carmassi, Stefano Copelli)

and direction
Giancarlo Sforza

Video ideation
and contribution
Mauro Lovisetto

Light design
Nicola Tallino

Materiale utilizate în această producție

1L - Laser

Sisteme de șine

BGOP - Gobelin Teatro


Cortina cu deschidere greaca simpla

Tipologie de cortine

Ecrane pentru proiecţie faţă

Ecrane pentru proiecție faţă

FBR - Bruxelles

·Limited fabrics·

PBO - Bianco Ottico

Folii proiecție faţă

TIR - Iris

Covoare de vinil

WPE - Perofix


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