Piscine și bazine scenografice


The instalare of a big Bazin pentru scenografie for the scenografie of a telecast. RAI, ''Games without Frontiers''
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The waterproofing, realized in QPE - Resil cu Sudura prin suprapozare, is lowered in the excavation. RAI, ''Games without Frontiers''
The last phases of the instalare.The Bazin pentru scenografie was 50 m long și 25 m wide. RAI, ''Games without Frontiers''
A small Bazin pentru scenografie used for creating a marsh on a theatrical stage. Teatro Lirico, ''The Oprichnik''
They are generally used In scenografie for the creation of small mirrors of water.
It is not rare, in any case, the realization of impressive scenographical works.
custom realization
speed of instalare și uninstalare
safety of the seals, thanks to the sturdiness of the material (QPE - Resil) și to that of the thermal Suduri prin suprapozare
contained cost in comparison to that of a permanent instalare

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RAI, ''Games without Frontiers''

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Teatro alla Scala, ''Kát'a Kabanová''

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Teatro Lirico, ''The Oprichnik''

Opera lirica