Stand al unui grup bancar


A Fundal cu iluminare spate realized with the diffusive film RNV - Nevada assumes, thanks to the light filters, a brightness similar to the jade, that well approaches to the grey tones, to the black and the white and the gold of which the chromatic range of the stand is composed.The backdrop has been stretched on a camber structure.Another backdrop made of ASL600S - Light Sceno 600 cm sheer muslin 00. natural overhangs the reception area and supports the light projections coming from outside that play with the business trade mark.
Vezi toate
Two of the big suspended backdrops with confectionare sub forma de tub, illuminated by the inside with small points light disposed in cluster were realized with ASL600S - Light Sceno 600 cm sheer muslin, white colour, of which it is in evidence the transparency.A tubular bystander, realized with white BGO - Gobelin tulle was elegantly decorated with scenographical inserts that simulates thin watermarked veins.
Another view of the stand at the end of the instalare performed by Musiquarium, that realized the tubular auriu cu a light metallic net.
Again the Fundal cu iluminare spate culoare jade.
A Print digital pe fundal cu iluminare spate is tensed on a special circular structure.The trade marks of the firms of the group și the background of stars that symbolically turn into flying swallows were cu Print digital on the folie pentru retroproiecție RNV - Nevada.
The stand seen by another perspective.
The Fundaluri cu iluminare spate had, besides the decorative finalities și the functional goal to expose in a non intrusive way the trade mark of the buyer, also the assignment to illuminate the space cu a slightly soffused light.
Transparency games realized with the backdrop made of grey ASL600S - Light Sceno 600 cm sheer muslin.
The stand was projected in adherence to the aesthetical demands believed to be proper for the image of the buyer, one of the greatest banking groups in the world.
The matching of the transparencies of the Fundaluri printate digital cu iluminare spate to those of the ASL600S - Light Sceno 600 cm sheer muslin and of the BGO - Gobelin tulle, with a brightness discreetly maintained on the low registers, infuses an atmosphere of modernity, seriousness and elegance to the space.
Atisreal - Architecture & Space Planning
Raffaella Razzini
Myriam Presti

Materiale utilizate în această producție

ASL - Light Sceno

Muselină ușoară

BGO - Gobelin


Confectionare sub forma de tub

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Print digital pe fundaluri luminat din spate

RNV - Nevada

Folii retroproiecție

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