Teatro Nacional de São Carlos, ''Macbeth''


Silohuettes on a Fundal cu iluminare spate realized with the film RNB - Nebbia.Paolino Libralato realized the effect required by the scenographer Tommaso Lagattolla painting the backdrop with the usual skill.Combining the rear-illumination and the transparency of the backdrop to the painting, Lagattolla desired to get a feeling of depth that, during the show, of showed a great effectiveness.
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Silohuettes on a Fundal cu iluminare spate din folie RNB - Nebbia.
The reflecting disk was realized shaping different silver QSF - Miroflex mirror plates in form of petal.
The rays that seem to arrive from the sky had been painted by Paolino Libralato on a backdrop realized with black BGOP - Gobelin Teatro tulle.The bright disk on the background obtained with a light projection on the RNB - Nebbia backdrop.
The floor of the stage has been covered with the black TIL - Iris Lucido glossy floor., to which the appreciable liquid and nighttime aspect in this image is due.Big reflecting flakes of QSF - Miroflex are shed on the staircase.
The effect of tempestuous sky here visible is gotten cu a weak chromatic iluminare spate of the painted RNB - Nebbia fundal.
The scene gravitates around the bloody shroud and its reflex on the black TIL - Iris Lucido glossy floor.
The sky effect gotten with the rear-illumination of the RNB - Nebbia backdrop painted by Paolino Libralato.
Melodrama in patru acte
Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901)
Prima reprezentatie
Florence, Teatro della Pergola, 14/3/1847

Tommaso Lagattolla
Pictorial realization
Paolino Libralato
Direcția tehnica
Francisco Vicente
Productie direction
Alda Giesta
Direcția scenica
Elena Barbalich


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Paolino Libralato at work 1

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BGOP - Gobelin Teatro


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QSF - Miroflex

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RNB - Nebbia

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