Luciano Ligabue, ''Tour Ellesette''

Tour 2007

The spectacular release of the big Cortina cu deschidere Kabuki that opened the concert. In evidence the half transparency of the black HSE - Tempesta silk with which the curtain was manufactured, that exposes in the middle the logo with Print digital of the concert: ''L7''.The lightness and the veils effect of the silk emphasize the fall of the curtain that, with a scenographical solution always of great effectiveness, it seems to happen with the ralenti.
Vezi toate
The curtain measured 18 m of width and 12 m of height and, contrarily to the mechanisms kabuki habitually used, was released from the corners.The stage direction and the scenography approached one among the most traditional materials in the theater, the HSE - Tempesta silk, to solutions of great actuality what the screens LED ...
... some of which animated thanks to a series of nine Stangi electrice that constituted in reality an only Echipamente de scena of special planning and realization. The complex video apparatus of the concert was installed by Le Grandi Immagini, that commissioned to Peroni the movement system of «... a screen of 25 m of base for 7 m of height formed by so many modules of a semitransparent LED screen.»Paolo Gualdi, interview released to Andrew Mordenti, Sound&Lite, No. 69
«Made strong by the experience of last summer with Tiziano Ferro, we asked Peroni to realize for us a system of engines, counting really on the long experience of theatrical staging of the firm of Gallarate.We divided therefore the screen in 9 macro-modules and, through a series of pulleys and steel cables, we have connected these blocks to some 2MT - Motoare cu canale pentru cabluri pentru stangi positioned at the bottom, in the back stage.The system is commanded analogically from an Panou de comanda placed on the stage and managed by an operator of ours that can modify at any moment the speed and the times of descent and lifting.»Paul Gualdi, ibidem.
«With this system the LED modules are picked up to with an accordion pleat to earth, disappearing completely from the view.In this way the big screen can climb and to go down united, be composed like a pyramid, in alternate positions, etc.. Usually the movements are made in the dark, or with almost imperceptible slowness; in the last three or four passages, that are the more rock of the program, we make instead some showy movements following the dynamics of the music.» Paul Gualdi, ibidem.
The LED modules behind the stage and here stopped to the maximum limit of lifting of 7 m.At the bottom and behind the screen there is a backdrop made of COT - Oscurante Teatro molton.
La dreapta, behind the LED modules, the series of nine 2MT - Motoare cu canale pentru cabluri pentru stangi that control as many Stangi electrice.
The nine LED modules, of which it is in evidence the assemblage in different widths, are photographed here during the tests of movement after the installation on the place of the concert.At the bottom and behind the screen there is a backdrop made of COT - Oscurante Teatro molton.

Riserva Rossa
Friends & Partners
Luciano Ligabue
Claudio Maioli
Executive productie
Claudio Maioli
Paolo Gualdi
Franco Comanducci
Roberto Costantino
Light design
Billy Bigliardi
Directia scenica
Luciano Ligabue
Paolo Gualdi

Materiale utilizate în această producție

Cortina cu deschidere Kabuki

Tipologie de cortine

COT - Oscurante Teatro

Textile opace

HSE - Tempesta

Matase și satin

HSE - Tempesta print digital

Print material textil

Role de pod fixe

Sisteme de stangi

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