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Camorino (Elveția)

Several modules of alb NTR - Tripolina cu threads 6 m high were used for delimiting the perimeter of the stage in a way to allow a vision in half-transparenta of what it happens inside it.
Vezi toate
The threads of the NTR - Tripolina have been gathered to the entries of the stage in a way to facilitate the passage of the guests of the evening.
The inside illumination acts so that the NTR - Tripolina develops a function of separation from the outside that contributes to make the environment more intimate și warm.
The alb NTR - Tripolina very effectively interacts cu the light, to the point to be used often, in scenografie, as a support cu a good output pentru proiecție faţă. In this case as decorative element has been used și of furnishing, without disdaining nevertheless the obtainable games cu the chromatic illumination.
Other modules of alb NTR - Tripolina had been suspended to the circular supports of the lights of the environment, creating so some light diffusers cu a pleasant decorative effect.
A specialized Swiss firm planned a mobile stage that can be prepared according to various formalities, that allow it to be used as stage for musical shows și for events of various tipul, to depend on the applications of the consumers.
In the occasion that is showed here it was used as a sheltered space for a summer outdoor evening.
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NTR - Tripolina

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