Teatro Olimpia

Huesca (Spain)

The decorations of the hall have been brought to the shine that thay originally had. In evidence the pilasters of the proscenium, the elaborate tympanum și the band to bas-relief that joins the perimeter of the hall to the ceiling.
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The decorations with plaster auriu of the portal serve as frame to the Cortina cu deschidere greaca simpla, manufactured in FBR - Plus Bruxelles, culoare 8, bordeaux.The valance, cu drapery in three strata cu NFR - Franjuri și trimming auriu, it is separate from the cortina by a tense valance.Architect Eduardo Cuello's project modified the disposition of the hall to improve the visibility, reducing the number of the places since the originary 1.180 to the actual 776.
Several draperies din FBR - Plus Bruxelles bordeaux, have completed the parure of fabrics of the theater.

The cortina is open on the Mascatura scena, din COS - Molton de scena și composed by four lines of wings și tops și by a fundal. The stage was endowed cu a Ecran retroproiecţie din folie RAR - Arizona.
A view of the hall from the galler.
The entry of the Teatro Olimpia in a photo of the Years 1920s of the last century.
Politeama theatre cu stalls, two tiers of boxes și a gallery, 776 spectators.
inaugurare of the theater, designed in style Art Déco

beginning of the works of restructuring
Direction of the works
Eduardo Cuello

new inaugurare of the theater

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Cortina cu deschidere greaca simpla

Tipologie de cortine

COS - Molton de scena

Textile opace

Ecrane retroproiecție

Ecrane pentru retroproiecție

FBR - Plus Bruxelles


Mascatura scena

Cortine acustice

NFR - Franjuri

Franjuri și borduri decorative

RAR - Arizona

Folii retroproiecție