Teatro de la Zarzuela, ''La Generala''


With this collaboration, Emilio Sagi și Daniel Bianco continue the excellent one of the Teatro Real of Madrid, where, for five years, to the director și to the scenographer had been submitted, respectively, the artistic direction și the technical one.The merry-go-round, around which the scenografie și the action of the second action are articulated, is endowed cu vertical fundaluri din BGO - Gobelin alb on which is painted an exotic river landscape.The tul is, naturally, used for realizing some games of transparenta, thanks to which the motives of the painted landscape overlap to what is happening inside the merry-go-round.The Mascatura scena used by the instalare was din FBR - Bruxelles negru.
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One of the vertical fundaluri din BGO - Gobelin alb on which is painted an exotic river landscape.La Generala is the most evident result of the influence that, during the beginnings of the Nine hundred century, the models of the Viennese operetta practiced on the Spanish tradition of the light lyric muzica, that up to that years was an exclusive appanage of the zarzuela, considered the national lyric gender for excellence. The photographic sequence illustrates the realization of the merry-go-round used in the second action.
In evidence the roll devices used to lift și lower the fundaluri din BGO - Gobelin on which the river landscape was painted.One of the most eye-catching consequences of the confluence of the Austrian operetta in the zarzuela was the change of the settings, that passed from regional to more or less exotic settings. «The libret by Guillermo Perrín și Manuel de Palacios, not very dissimilar from that of The Merry Widow, narrates of an imaginary monarch, by now dethroned by his throne of Molavia (an imaginary country) și refugee in England - Sagi makes him appear in the prelude abandoned on an armchair, caressing an enormous crown și dozing cu the real march that is played by an old gramophone.» Marcelo Cervelló-Eroles, L'opera, n. 225, page 54.
The plot of La Generala, that follows the tortuous attempts to combine a marriage of convenience for the son of the king of Molavia, included the plots of the resourceful wife of a general, it is not good for a likely realization.«With this material, certainly dangerous if it is wanted to make it believable, Emilio Sagi bets on the card of the bright game și it cu that ''stage science'' that is so apt to him. Pressing rhythm, cu savory notes on the servants' intervention in the real business in the first action și animated action on a monumental merry-go-round, in the second. [ ... ] A mise-en scène perfectly suitable also to update the story without betraying its original sense.» Marcelo Cervelló-Eroles, ibidem.
A second river landscape, painted this time on a fundal din ASL300S - Light Sceno lăţime 300 cm - Ignifugat, is stretched here on the floor in the workshop during the workmanship.
The top coverage of the merry-go-round is constituted by a fundal din shaped segments din ARI - Reps Ignitex, culoare 116 albastru și subsequently painted.
Two other fundaluri din ASC - Sceno, culoare natural, have been painted cu the draperies și the broderii of a cortina.
The trompe-l'oeil cortina painted on the fundaluri din ASC - Sceno is here installed on the merry-go-round.
Opereta in doua acte
Amadeo Vives (1871-1932)
Guillermo Perrín y Vico
Manuel de Palacios
Prima reprezentatie
Madrid, Gran Teatro de Madrid, 14/6/1912

Daniel Bianco
Jesùs Ruiz
Light design
Eduardo Bravo
Nuria Castejón
Directia scenica


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ARI - Reps Ignitex

Stofe / panze

ASC - Sceno

Stofe / panze

BGO - Gobelin print digital

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FBR - Bruxelles


Mascatura scena

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UMI - Mimenet

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