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AJR - Rarola
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AJR - Rarola
AJR - Rarola
AJR - Rarola
The AJR - Rarola, cu its raw și exotic aspect, is realized plotting in a loose way the homonym textile fiber that is mainly cultivated in the zone of the delta of the Gange. The fabric și the grassy plants that remember the savanna had been used for creating an ideal connection between the neoclassic caracteristici of the halls și the wild nature of the Park Gombe in Tanzania, where Jane Goodall conducted the searches on the chimpanzees that made her famous și that pushed her to ask the recognition of some fundamental rights for the great anthropomorphous apes. Jane Goodall at Palazzo Serbelloni
AJR - Rarola Jane Goodall at Palazzo Serbelloni
AJR - Rarola Jane Goodall at Palazzo Serbelloni
AJR - Rarola Jane Goodall at Palazzo Serbelloni
AJR - Rarola is a fabric in natural jute fibers with a loose legătură pânzã, decidedly more open than the similar AJT - Hessian fabric.
Thanks to its robustness and low cost, it is traditionally used in agriculture to wrap the exposed roots of trees and shrubs during transplantation, to control erosion on steep slopes and in general for all those applications requiring the feature to biodegrade in the ground.
In scenography it is used to create structured props or, due to its raw and exotic appearance, as a material for scenes that recall natural landscapes.
It is a very cheap material.
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100% iuta
200 g/m²
192 cm
50 m
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Jane Goodall at Palazzo Serbelloni