Fundaluri fonice (pentru antifonare)


Detail of a Cortina fonica cu eight layers, greutate 3,02 kg per gauri patrate meter.
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A big Cortina fonica, lăţime 22 m, înălțime 16 m, total greutate around 1.100. Teatro alla Scala
The back of the Cortina fonica of a historical theater. Opernhaus Zürich

Cortina fonica, lățime 30 m și înălțime 10 m, din FTA - Tancredi 500 cu falduri verticale 100%, total greutate around 1.800 kg. Palaexpo Fevi
Detail of a Cortina fonica cu eight layers, greutate 3,02 kg per gauri patrate meter.
Cortina fonica cu three inner layers și cu outer layers din FTO - Tosca negro. Disco ''Moog''
theaters that have the necessity to perform contemporarily orchestral tests și the installation of the scenographies
polyvalent halls that have the necessity to temporarily separate some zones of the hall for a contemporary use
cinemas to reduce the noises coming from the outside
discos or any kind of public places

layers of sound-proof și ignifugat material
layers of folie in PVC welded cu high frequency (then without interruptions, notably effective in the function of barrier to the sound)
external layers executable cu the decorative ignifugat fabrics in the catalog (plusuri, cloth, etc.)
the number of the layers depends on the sound absorption effectiveness desired

barrier to the noise whose effectiveness can be proportionate to the level of lowering of the noise that is desired to get
custom manufacture also in gigantic dimensiune
possibility of automation of the move of the fundaluri
homologation of the materials in the classes of reaction to the fire applications for the instalare in public environments

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