QGH - Ghiaccio

Film transparent

The transparent and reflecting aspect of the film QGH - Ghiaccio.
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Teatro Vittorio Emanuele di Messina, ''Bellini Black Comedy'' The scenic space designed by Nicola Rubertelli is surrounded by a QGH - Ghiaccio film membrane which is transparent or even invisible when the lighting is accentuated on the blackout fabric drapes behind ...
... or it becomes much more present and reflective if it is illuminated from its front.The alternation between transparency and reflection of the film is used for narrative purposes to distinguish the realistic situation from another oneiric one that takes place in parallel on the scene.
Teatro Regio di Parma, ''Marin Faliero'' Fundal transparent Ghiaccio, 13 x h 8 m ...
... aici în timpul spectacolului.
Théâtre de la Ville, ''Mary Said What She Said'' Effect obtained by introducing some smoke between a transparent backdrop made of QGH - Ghiaccio film and a Fundal cu iluminare spate made of RNB - Nebbia film.
SIB 2006, ''Scenographical exhibition'' The Fundal transparent Ghiaccio of Teatro Regio di Parma, ''Marin Faliero'' showed at a scenographical exhibition.The predominantly frontal illumination puts in prominence the reflecting properties of the material ...
... while here the Fundal transparent Ghiaccio is in a rear-illuminated and, because of this, full transparency situation.
QGH - Ghiaccio is a transparent and rather elastic vinyl film.
By means of Sudura fără suprapozare the Fundaluri transparente Ghiaccio are obtained from it, and they are used in scenography to create with their lighting an alternation between transparency and a slight mirror effect.
The film can be rolled up when used in small artifacts, while large backdrops are obligatorily folded during their manufacture and transport.
The manipulation leaves permanent traces on the film and makes the backdrops similar to large ice sheets, hence the name (ghiaccio in italian = ice).
The backdrops can be digitally printed or painted and not rarely they are used to contain smoke effects or even to make water flow on them.
Reacția la foc
ignifug permanent
EN 13501-1 clasa B s1 d0
100% PVC
310 g / m²
0,25 mm
140 cm
50 m
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proprietati de reflexie a luminii, poate fi folosita si pentru fundaluri cu efect de oglinda
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QGH - Ghiaccio transparent incolor

Video & Documentare

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