''Storicamente ABC''

Trento (Italy)

On the right, a backdrop with Confezionietesa made of black BSU - Super Gobelin tulle illuminated from its top with red lights.The backdrop is 3 m high and it is actually divided into 5 parts, each of them just over 50 m long ...
Vezi toate
... which divide the tunnel in half for a total length of about 260 m, to which are added another 12 m for which 6 modules of black NTR - Tripolina thread backdrops were used, so that the visitors could pass through them.
The backdrop is used to delimit the path of the exhibition ...
... and to guide visitors in a clear but not at all intrusive way.
Thanks to the black color of the tulle and the way the lighting has been studied ...
... the backdrop turns out to be perfectly transparent, but the spectators clearly perceive its presence thanks to the continuous red line drawn on the ground ...
... and the dotted line of the ceiling lights.
The exhibition spaces are therefore perfectly delimited aesthetically and functionally ...
Storicamente ABC - The invention of a territory
The exhibition was set up in two road tunnels disused in 2007 and since then used as a museum space.
The Historical Museum of Trentino has organized a path in alphabetical order through twenty-one key words of the history and culture of Trentino, a region of northern Italy bordering Austria.
Each letter identifies a theme.
Scenographical project
Light design
Architectural project
Elisabetta Terragni

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BSU - Super Gobelin


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NTR - Tripolina

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