Opernhaus, ''Wiener Blut''


The sketch by Andreas Donhauser and Renate Martin for a hemicyclic Closed set made of fabric.It is a sort of soft bubble with a surface elaborated in a fairytale and festive way, an artificial and uncertain protection from an external world in which the prodromes of the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian empire are inexorably evolving.The hemicycle is a large Cortina austriaca ...The scene is dominated by a big Cortina austriaca.
Vezi toate
... made up of 29. light pink HSV - Trevi fabric in the following ways:- dimensions 16 x h 8 m- 20 drapery strips, each 80 cm wideIt is not intended to be opened with Deschidere austriacă ...
... and is equipped with 3 doors with curtains made of the same fabric.On the large central circular platform, three equally circular but smaller platforms, with room dividers made with various shapes and which take up the motif of the hemicycle, organize the spaces in a way that is functional to the staging.
Opérette in trei acte
Johann Strauss (1825-1899)
Prima reprezentatie
Vienna, Carltheater, 25/10/1899

Andreas Donhauser
Renate Martin
Light design
Franz Orban
Directia scenica


Materiale utilizate în această producție

Cortina cu deschidere austriaca

Tipologie de cortine

HSV - Trevi

Matase și satin

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