TIR - Iris

Covor mat

TIR - Iris The image underlines the softness and the flexibility of the floor and the different presentation of the two sides, slightly embossed the reverse (B) and smooth the obverse (A).
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TIR - Iris 03. galbenÎn partea de sus: the obverse side is smooth și matte.În partea de jos: the reverse shows a light embossing similar to an ''portocaliu skin'' realized for functional purposes (to improve the adherence of the floors on the laying floors) but usable eventually also for decorative finality.
TIR - Iris 01. alb02. bej04. portocaliu05. roșu
TIR - Iris 06. verde07. albastru deschis08. albastru
TIR - Iris 09. deschis10. gri11. gri99. negru
Teatro de Arte Anton Tchékhov Moscovei, ''As Três Irmãs'' Pe podea pe scenă, covor TIR - Iris 03. galben.
Eros Ramazzotti, ''Ali e Radici'' The floor of the stage was covered cu covor TIR - Iris 01. alb, cu Print digital ...
... that imitates the plates of the containers.
TIR - Iris is a floor for scenography, decoration, exhibition set-ups and events.
It has a pleasantly matte appearance, which limits the reflections of light and enriches and completes the settings in a pleasant and neutral, unobtrusive way.
It is simple to install and relatively inexpensive.
It is not usable for professional dance because its surface does not have the hardening and embossing required for that use.
The expanded support layer, which makes it useful for muffling the sound of footsteps, does not have the tensile strength required for a performing dance floor.
Nevertheless it is used with great frequency and effectiveness in theatrical, television and concert productions that include interludes and non-exasperated dance performances.
Its reflective versions are the TIL - Iris Lucido and the TGL - Glittery, which differ only in the surface finish.
Reacția la foc
ignifug permanent
EN 13501-1 clasa Bfl s1
100% PVC
1,7 mm
1,47 kg / m²
200 cm
20 m
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Benzi adezive
for the coverage of union lines
VSI - Sivia Tape (00. trasparent)
Double sided tape
for fixing on the supporting floor

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TIR - Iris 01. alb02. bej03. galben04. portocaliu05. roșu06. verde07. albastru deschis08. albastru
TIR - Iris 09. gri deschis10. gri11. gri închis99. negru

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Claudio Baglioni, ''Q.P.G.A.''


Eros Ramazzotti, ''Ali e Radici''


Intrunirea unei firme de bauturi


Laura Pausini, ''Greatest Hits World Tour''


Prezentare Melbourne 2010


Teatro dell'Opera, ''Salome''

Opera lirica

Teatro della Pergola, ''Memoriile lui Hadrian''


Teatrul de artă Anton Cehov, ''Trei surori''


Tiziano Ferro, ''Nessunoèsolo''


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