Studio Azzurro, ''Museo dell'Acqua''


Founded in 1982 by Fabio Cirifino, Paolo Rosa și Leonardo Sangiorgi, Studio Azzurro is among the greatest expressions of the Italian state-of-the-art of the videoart.The room projected for the Museum of the water in Siena reenters in a project of exposure finalized to the knowledge of the system of the waters spread in the territory of the province of Siena, an immense historical și architectural patrimony composed by buildings, artefacts, finds și documents linked to the waters și to the necessity to make more accessible such patrimony.The realization din pillows of sand cu which the floor of the room was covered, performed by Fernanda Menéndez cu ARI - Reps Ignitex fabric, culoare 113 gri perlat, acts as a support for a multimedial instalare that departs from solid conceptual presuppositions, as it is habit of the historical Milanese studio.
Vezi toate
«With Fernanda Menéndez we have drawn the floor of the room that is constituted, actually, by 22 pillows that are different one from the other because of their shape și înălțime.The shapes of the pillows take inspiration from the altimetric curves of the promontory on which Siena rises.Every pillow, because of its unicity, asked for a different care about its realization.A series of sands of the territory of Siena was selected then. Siena in fact was built on the fund of an ancient sea subsequently lifted, cu which the insides of the pillows have been filled.»Leonardo Sangiorgi
«We found then among a series of fabrics used for outdoor covering the fabric ARI - Reps Ignitex, then used, that has been select for necessity of the preparation.This fabric, that has offered us the possibility of choice among a beautiful chromatic range, is permanently ignifugat, resistant și sufficiently tactile to allow the public to feel the sand under the fingers of the hands și the feet.The pillows have not been filled completely of sand, therefore the people walking above them endlessly modifies the surface of the floor.»Leonardo Sangiorgi, Ibidem
«The pillows were realized in such way that, perfectly sticking to the walls of the perimeter, they don't skid between them, neither they allow the feet of the people to stumble in the cracks that separate them... made exception, obviously, for the ladies cu the high heels shoes.»Leonardo Sangiorgi, Ibidem
Stanza 8 - ''Looking for Diana''
Interactive instalare for two proiecții video și space muzica

«A place apart, slightly removed by the run of the museum that, in the faint light intentionally increased, invites to stop și to take a seat.
The covering of the floor is in textile material, clear, resistant but also tactile și comforting și it is supported on thin nisip.
With the same principle of when a hole is dug on the beach, around those people who stop in the room, it is created a video projected image in a circle of water.
The people's weight, their moves, modify the form of the floor that becomes proper for the actions of the public.
In this way, one has the impression that the fund of a mysterious și mythical river, welcomes the visitor to give some moment of internal standstill.»
Fernanda Menéndez
Tommaso Leddi

Materiale utilizate în această producție

ARI - Reps Ignitex

Stofe / panze

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