LWE - Windel

Țesătură elastica

LWE200P - Windel lăţime 200 cm 05. verde chroma key
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LWE200P - Windel lăţime 200 cm 05. verde chroma key
LWE200P - Windel lăţime 200 cm 03. grey (nu este disponibil)The difference among the front (A), slightly more reflecting, and the back (B) of the fabric.
Convention Two elastic backdrops made with confectionare sub forma de tub with 1. white LWE300P - Windel lăţime 300 cm, illuminated here with red light.
María Pagés, ''Utopia'' Elastic backdrop (15 m width and 10 m height) made of 3. grey LWE - Windel.The backdrop is here rear-illuminated with blue light ...
... while here the rear-illumination has switched to red.The elastic backdrop made of LWE - Windel has a curved Top batten at its bottom.The Top batten is used to lift the bottom edge of the backdrop creating an arch ...
... and to lower it, stretching the fabric to the floor of the stage and closing the arched opening.
Teatro Español, ''Armengol'' Cortina cu deschidere Kabuki made of 1. white LWE200P - Windel lăţime 200 cm ...
LWE - Windel is a four-way stretch fabric quite heavy made with a knitted weave and stretch yarn.
It is strong, resistant and, thanks to its knitted weave it does not fray.
One side of the fabric is matte, the other is slightly reflective.
It interacts very well with light, the white and grey colours, in particular, can be illuminated and backlit with excellent results.
It is used to make elastic backdrops of all kinds, even large ones, and for props to be covered with an elastic fabric with a well stretched look.
When ordering the made up fabric, it's needed to specify whether the matte or the reflective side must be used as the front side.
LBR - Breezel is a slightly lighter and more elastic version.
Reacția la foc
ignifug permanent
EN 13501-1 clasa B s1 d0
DIN 4102 clasa B1
NFP 92-503 clasa M1
85% polyester, 15% elastan
260 g / m²
200 cm
300 cm
± 50 m
Metoda de ambalare
Culorile disponibile
consultați graficul de culoare
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± 40% in lungime
± 10% in the lăţime
(întinderea într-o direcție reduce alungirea în cealaltă)

Proiecție faţă
Rating 3.5 (alb/gri)
Rating 3.0 (alb/gri)
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Rating 1.5
Pentru print digital
Rating 2.0 - Cu diverse limitări

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Graficul de culoare

LWE200P - Windel lăţime 200 cm 01. alb * (52 m)04. albastru chroma key * (130 m)05. verde chroma key * (220 m)06. roșu * (60 m)09. visiniu * (46 m)99. negru * (3 m)* disponibilitate limitată la cantitatea indicată
LWE300P - Windel lăţime 300 cm 01. alb * (2,8 + 2,0 m)* disponibilitate limitată la cantitatea indicată

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María Pagés, backdrop made of LWE - Windel, concept

Michele Tomatis, ''Grand Musical Hotel''

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''Reactable Live''

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Disco ''La Rocca''

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María Pagés, ''Utopia''


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Michele Tomatis, ''Grand Musical Hotel''

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