Oggimusica, ''Zatoichi-e''

Lugano (Elveția)

Static as human ideograms, elements of an imaginary theater of forms only, the performers remain trapped in ancient frames of Japanese style video-projected on a transparent backdrop realized with grey BGO - Gobelin tulle.The scene is completed to earth by a reflecting black TIL - Iris Lucido floor.
Vezi toate
In the show moments of high-density sonorous și visual action are alternated cu static și attenuate moments.
Thanks to the possibilities given by the correct transparency of the backdrop made of BGO - Gobelin tulle the performers melt themselves with the video projections in the fighting scenes.
Multimedia performance
Freely inspired to the historical folie Zatōichi by Takeshi Kitano
Video design,
light design
Roberto Vitalini for BASHIBA
Téo Ghil
Sound design,
directia scenica
Fabrizio Rosso

Oggimusica, Lugano

Materiale utilizate în această producție

BGO - Gobelin


TIL - Iris Lucido

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