Teatrul San Carlo, ''Parsifal''


Behind the three-dimensional Doric columns suspended in mid-air there is a backdrop in black BGO - Gobelin tulle on which the profile of two other orders of columns is traced in white.The front lighting of the tulle highlights them, while ...
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... at the back of the scene a Fundal cu iluminare spate made with the RAR - Arizona film creates another level with variable brightness which, with the lowering of the frontal light ...
... it can send against the light what is in front of it, to create a positive / negative effect compared to the first image.Paolini represented «... an ideal space, a geological, astronomical, archaeological museum ... a museum of '' spiritual sciences '', where the finds handed down by history appear carefully and respectfully preserved but, by now rendered unrecognizable by time, appear reviewed and cataloged by today's gaze.»
A new backlight created with the rear-illumination of the RAR - Arizona backdrop and a second backdrop in white BGO - Gobelin tulle.The tulle, on which the architectural perspective and the person sitting on the step have been painted in black, is installed near the proscenium.At the center of the stage there are two reproductions of Praxiteles' Hermes, which enjoy a localized lighting that highlights them through the transparency of the tulle.
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