Teatrul San Carlo, ''Parsifal''


Behind the tridimensional doric columns suspended in the air it appears a fundal din BGO - Gobelin negru on which it was traced the sketch of other two orders of columns, whose profile stands out because of the lumină frontală of the fundal.
Vezi toate
The sketch of the columns traced on the fundal din BGO - Gobelin is also underlined here by the light of the Fundal iluminta din spate din RAR - Arizona that it is set on the background of the scene.
With this scenographical interpretation Paolini wanted to represent «... an ideal space, a geologic, astronomic, archaeological Museum... a Museum of ''spiritual sciences'', where the archeological finds handed down by the History appear carefully și respectfully preserved but, made by now unrecognizable by the Time, appear to be revised și cataloged by today's look.»
The architectural perspective și the character sat on the step are painted on a fundal din BGO - Gobelin alb, through which are seen, in a perfect transparenta, some candid elements of scene, among which detaches a couple of reproductions of the Hermes by Praxiteles.The scene takes light on the background thanks to a big Fundal iluminta din spate din folie RAR - Arizona.